JaredEpicF1Star's OT story is a weird one. joining roblox in february of 2014 on the account Jared3100 ( but in april, he did something stupid. he deactivated his facebook link and didn't add a password. so his old account was lost forever. so he made a new one, JaredEpicF1Star [Terminated] and he played lots of games but his favorite was F1 2013 by TheDeadlyDoombug. Eventually he got bored in october of 2014 and quit ROBLOX. but in july 2015, he saw an ad for roblox and decided it was time to return. he remembered the details to his treasured account easily and discovered the forums. off topic looked cool so he clicked on it. that was the worst mistake he ever made. he was hooked. by april 2016 he had 1,900 posts and was closing on 2000 quickly. but an OTermination was starting and he was one of the first to fall victim. and with 2,007 posts JaredEpicF1Star was terminated. within hours he had had 2 more accounts terminated for complaining. So he made JaredEpicF1Star2 to go back to regular foruming. Then in mid-june, he recieved a 3 day ban (For Reasons I Can't remember) and when he tried logging back on 4 days later, ROBLOX had locked him out of his account. so he made JaredEpicF1Star3, his current account. standing at 201 posts

as of July 3rd 2016 02:21.

Now, On December 22 2016, JaredEpicF1Star3 (Now Talvisk) Stands at 3,960 posts.

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