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"lol plox, goodbye my children" -craignathaniel11

jarieme was a 2013er account where most of craignathaniel11's alts were friends with and also has a 2013er hat. His human self is also mentioned to be addicted to OT. Deleted accounts in a nutshell:

His army of alts and mains

craignathaniel11 - Terminated, 2000 posts

SuspiciouslyNoob - Terminated, 500 posts

meatapple11 - Terminated, 500 posts

craignathaniel111 - Terminated, 500 posts

TheForumCraig - Terminated, 500 posts

foano - Terminated, 800 posts

BritainsGotTalentA52 - Terminated, 50 posts

deltau - Terminated, 0 posts

qdzhhx - Terminated, 0 posts

EXTREMEKORKSKREW - Terminated, 20 posts

ForumBan - Terminated, 100 posts

Vegemites - Terminated, 20 posts

BloodyNo - Terminated, 20 posts

ForumPlox - Terminated, 200 posts

TheForumBan - Terminated, 0 posts

DanWhited - Terminated, 80 posts

OTMod - Terminated, 0 posts

ForumOne - Current forum main may the mysterious force lead this account to safety and not to the evil, greasy hands of those 16 year old mods.

The Most Amazing Moments Caught on ROBLOX.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 12.07.59 AM

May 23, 2014. More can be seen at the link given.

I accidentally accessed the new roblox page while I was on private browsing...

^ more leaked images from May 23.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.55.17 PM

The coincidence and suspicion.

I am really sure his 2nd email got poison banned because of the suspicion which led to losing 5 more alts, and a new email, RIP anyways. 

File:Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.16.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.15.08 PM

The coincidence/suspicion thread.

And an 18+ game in the front page... Again...

The Suspicious Thread. The written message pretty sums up the KAWAII which appeared on the front page approximately 3 minute after the thread was created, which led to suspicion, anyway, the only difference was 3,000+ children had visited it and 10,000+ had scarred by it. Also caused the poison ban that I mentioned earlier.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.22.53 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.22.36 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.29.54 PM

funni as fuc.

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