jbjgang2 is a somewhat known OTer on ROBLOX. He tends to go inactive for long periods of time and enjoy life because he actually has one. In this time that he goes inactive, people forget about him and new OTers appear, leaving jbjgang2 confused and disoriented when he comes back. jbjgang2 started foruming on Off Topic in early 2010. Originally, he would lurk and not post much because he was young, stupid, and cancerous, but in the most recent years, he has been actively posting when he is active on OT.

Moderation History

jbjgang2 has OTs biggest and longest moderation history.


RedRoblox is a mini Fad that jbjgang2 started in late 2012. It consisted of a PM being sent to massive amounts of players (somewhere in the 80s - 100s) that was in the form of a fake 'reply or die' spam message. The fad was continued in 2013 and in 2014. Here is a picture of what the message read:

jbjgang2 also made a video on his inactive and terrible youtube channel showing pictures of what can happen if u dont reply to the red roblox message


jbjgang2 started ROBLOX back in 2009 when he was showed the game by an old friend. When he first started playing ROBLOX, jbjgang2 got into to building. Everything he made looked like shit. jbjgang2 made vignettes aswell and they also looked like shit. "I was a cancerous noob when i first joined" - jbjgang2. After a few months of being on ROBLOX, jbjgang2 was introduced to the clan world where he had no idea what the fuck people were doing. This was an extremely short period of time for jbjgang2 and he never succeded past the first rank of any clan. As his building skills greatly improved, jbjgang2 met a few people who were somewhat popular or "Famous". For the next year jbjgang2 did some stuff like building and talking to people. It was a boring time. He is now a great scripter and amazing builder who has been working on multiple projects and never finished a single one since the start of his time on ROBLOX.


  • DistantSound (Terminated)
  • Rigek
  • xXNoValueXx
  • SomaIia
  • MothersAnal (Terminated)

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