JohnnyFlight began foruming in OT at the beginning of 2015, after spending years on LMaD (2009-2010 DuckR2D2) (2011-2014 JohnnyFlight) He is know for his anime knowledge and drawing, he also hates the Minion fad and refuses to draw anyone who wears/promotes minions. He has a Lifetime OBC Membership aswell.

OT History

The Anime Queue

The Anime Queue was a forum JohnnyFlight created right after he joined Off Topic, it was where he and many other OT'ers discussed various anime shows/manga comics. It stalled a lot of the anime spam on OT until in mid-July it was deleted for no reasons given and even info@roblox has no idea what happened to the thread when JohnnyFlight emailed them.


JohnnyFlight draws OT'ers in various art styles, from Anime to ROBLOXian. He draws people when he posts at any time a day for people to post and get drawn (for free) He refuses to be paid/tipped for his actions as he enjoys OTing and the drawings are merely for "practice" in his opinion. He says the way to get drawn is "luck and right timing"

"I eat baby dolphins" Joke and origin

In late 2012, JohnnyFlight posted in OT a parody of a Creepypasta post called "I ate a baby dolphin today" has 3 pages of posts now of today, and he has made a group called "I eat baby dolphins" that has grown much hate throughout the ROBLOX community as people believe it's true and send him in the group chat death threats occasionally.

LMaD Time and OT Start

JohnnyFlight spent 5 years foruming in the SubForum "Let's make a deal" and was well known for his quick ability to profit. He accumulated 20,000 posts over his time there. He has even owned notable items such as: Dominus Infernus, Purple Sparkle Time Fedora, and Crimson Catseye. He had owned Tough Guy cap but was scammed of it and decided to move to OT, since he has repeatedly said now that LMaD is a virtual version of Real Life and hasn't cared for virtual things since joining Off Topic. He occasionally donates randomly as he does draws.

OT Manga

JohnnyFlight is in the making of a OT Manga (comic) about OT'ers in a school environment drawn in anime-like style.