Kaxis is a forumer on OT who's last account, anozoo, was banned. Kaxis is known to be quite sarcastic and sometimes a little rude. Kaxis is very active, he's on every day and never goes a day without atleast posting once on OT. Even though he is very active on OT, he more often plays Steam games such as Skyrim, Gmod and CS:GO.


Kaxis first started playing Roblox in 2011, he was introduced to the game by his brother. Kaxis and his brother enjoyed sharing an account for a year than abandoning it after getting bored of all the same games. A year later, in early 2013, Kaxis rediscovered Roblox and created a new account, called Kaxis. In the early days, Kaxis didn't forum at all all he did was play games like Fencing and Survive the Natural Disasters.


Anozoo was an alternate account created by Kaxis, He really only made the account to show off how awesome his namesnipe was, even though most people agree it wasn't good. In mid 2013, Kaxis's account was stolen via Facebook. Kaxis was of course devastated by this, and tried everything he could to get his account back but nothing worked. He was forced to now use his alt, Anozoo. After playing on Anozoo for about a month he realized the forums existed. Since he was extremely tired with all the misleading games on the front page he decided to start foruming. For 2 and a half years Anozoo was a well known S&Ier. For the last couple months Anozoo still existed, he started foruming on OT, soon more often than he posted on S&I. This would eventually lead to his downfall because he got in to many flame wars.

Anozoo Banned

In late 2015, Anozoo was deleted due to racism. He than became inactive, obviously angered with Roblox even though he brought the ban on himself.

Getting Back Kaxis

Before he was banned on Anozoo, Kaxis had figured out that he could send an Email to recover his password for his account Kaxis. He recovered Kaxis but kept it as an alt because he had spent money on Anozoo and it had a high post count. After Anozoo was banned, he started using Kaxis to forum.


  • He has a brother named Slushinator (not a forumer just a game player)
  • Kaxis is always seen using good grammar whenever he can
  • Kaxis is a builder and loves building obbies
  • Combined with the postcount of his deleted account, Kaxis has 3,412+ posts (this increases everyday)

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