• Kelpies name is spelt Keipies
  • Hes quit Roblox forums 2 times, once in 2013, joined back on November 2014. Quit 2nd time in Jan 2015 joined back on April 2015.
  • Is part of Le reddit Army
  • Kelpies is 15 years old
  • Kelpies is Australian
  • He works at a grocery store
  • Kelpies was terminated for posting and was banned for adult content

Other Stuff



  • Timtams
  • Cs:Go


  • Kids
  • Bronies
  • Fat people
  • Furries

Deleted Accounts

  • SuddenFrost/Angi4321 - 2531 Posts
  • XBOX1720 - 1684 Posts
  • Kelpies "Keipies" - 2895 Posts


  • IamTheOneWhoWorksOut
  • xXxPeppaPig420xXx
  • Berrtles
  • KyaryPamyuu - CURRENT MAIN ALT

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