Kent195 is an unknown OT'er or as he like to call it an underdog or #underdawgs.He has 10K+ posts and is obsessed with HIV/AIDS and Allstate.


Aids ribbon

The one thing he is obsessed with and maybe MTG.

Kent195 first knew about ROBLOX in February of 2010 when his cousion show him. Later around July 28, 2010 he made his account. His user kent195 camed from his

Club Penguin account which was also named the same.

That penguin was perma ban for unknown reason probably due to cheating or using penguin storm. 

Probably one thing kent195 is know for is his siggy. He also likes to use mang instead of saying man.

He tends to use caps lock alot. Kent195 is a pro at monopoly and you will get rekt if you 1v1 him.

Instead of saying m8 he says m7 and like OT parties very much. 

Kent195 attempts to force people to buy Allstate but no one has bought Allstate yet. He also talks in caps in order for people to acknowledge him or he just does it for fun; But mostly he like to talk in caps.