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Kickbuttjdog is an OTer known by very few people. But he IS known for his terrible flaming, and despising his own username. He has a post count of somewhere in the 1000's making him rarely called the word, and popular forum insult, "newbag." His favorite OTers include: LegitScars, REDIVIAN, And MadSanity. He has led a few OTers to spam a group known as "Winx Club Fan Club." He hates clanbags, lortex and fearies especially. He enjoys a good amount of anime, but is not a full on weeaboo. He has about 12 alternate accounts.   He has been foruming since october 2014. He also came out as a furry. Thread link:


The current siggy of Kick's is: ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

His past siggy's are:

  • ~And your watching the raccoons den.~
  • //denial beat FaZe\\
  • `i'm red!`
  • ~OT'S JEBUS~

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