Kickmecookies is an OTer who is quite well known on Off-Topic. She sometimes talks to herself in her own threads. This causes a few people to accuse her of trying to raise her post count in the cheapest way possible. She is very fond of a few fandoms which she blogs about a lot on her Tumblr, which is on her profile blurb. She enjoys listening and fangirling about K-pop groups such as Exo. 


Kickmecookies joined ROBLOX in November 11th 2008, Since I wasn't around at that time, I don't know if she was foruming then or not, But I will guess she was, She does talk to herself sometimes, making people accuse her as a post farmer, like ventus48539, She enjoys listening to Koren Pop, She has a twitter called @kickmecookies

Random Inactiveness

Occasinally, Kickmecookies will be inactive for a long time, then come back and be active for a while again, then inactive again for a long time, and the cycle repeats. Nobody knows why. It could be for school or something.

Other Stuff

She enjoys K-Pop, her favorite K-pop group is Exo, She is fond of multiple fandoms that she posts about on tumblr, She has a twitter, She talks to herself, She is very well known

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