KingCamembert (formerly iDashingRainbow and Imaginator113) is a 15 year old, male British OTer who joined OT in April 2012, however he has been active within the OT community since September 2013, and he has previously forumed in the first days of ATR, before it befell into inevitable doom and corruption.

He is a huge fan of Streets, who he considers one of the most powerful users of OT. He is extremely against apoplectism and has led multiple campaigns as attempts to stop it from rising. He changes his avatar quite regularly, mostly to show his activity or to suit the jobs or bounties he takes. He posts almost everyday, which supports these hypotheses. He has multiple ROBLOX and life skills. He can sail quite well, he has a great interest in science, is very educationally academic and has a wide range of other global and language skills (can speak french & english fluently and can speak some mandarin, german and breton). On ROBLOX, he can build and script decently.

Despite all this, he is a great supporter and believer of natural selection in humans. This means he promotes some kinds of bullying in order to wipe out the weakest in society to promote a safer and stronger future for humanity. In fact, he believes apoplectism is one, if not the main threat against natural selection as apoplectism could lead to the defeat of the entire human race if not contained, like a virus but unstoppable as it spreads through emotions and the frontal cortex. He learnt this from the teachings of Streets.

He has done some controversial actions in his times, particularly due to his beliefs in natural selection and his constant bragging about fandoms out of nowhere and sudden changes of personality (possibly to avoid surges of apoplectism). Contrary to popular beliefs, he is NO LONGER a FNAF fan. His controversial actions have also led to some raids, mostly on PBSs, such as the destruction of Dinosaur's base and Toy's golden statue. However, this does not mean you should not let him into PBSs as he is now quite loyal, unless it is his enemies.


Streets' Anti-Apoplectic Army (Position: Worthy Whiteknight)

REDMAN's Companionship (Position: Friend)

Heartstrings' Empire (Position: Knight)

Lord Jones' House of Knights (Position: Worthy Whiteknight)

Empire of Reflexia (Position: Emperor)

Anti-Apoplectism Campaigns (Position: President)

Cheese Kingdom (Position: King)

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