KoopaNGC is an older OT'er who joined OT January of 2012, when heartstrings was at the height of her popularity. When koopa started foruming on OT he had approximately 1300-something posts and reached his 10,000th post the following New Years Eve. KoopaNGC is not the most memorable of OT'ers, being described as "kind of cool, alright" and some of the lower OT'ers referring to him as, "still sane". He first joined ROBLOX, April 25, 2010, and has maintained his main account to present day. If ever he is to be permanently banned, his official alternative account is koopaGCN. Koopa is now fairly inactive, but will occasionally linger around OT. His most well known post on OT is The 40 Rules of the Off Topic Forum Community which has been banned multiple times by moderators, yet has still maintained its popularity among OT'ers.

Present Day OT

  KoopaNGC sits currently at a 21K post count and posts less often than he did in 2012. His current posts varies from reserved to downright smug, but always maintains proper spelling and grammar.

 When koopa is not foruming he is either building at his places or playing Spiral Knights (username: Paratroopa).

KoopaNGC's favorite OT'ers are: Qwazola, Fastlane250, and Zakro though he generally holds a high regard for any poster from the 2012 OT-era.

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