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KottonKittenz has been OT-ing since 2012 on her alt, bellae2004. Other notable alts of her are: DinkDank. She is a big Eddsworld lunatic. She also has weird outfits mostly and is pretty hyper at times. She has more than 1k posts. The only place she really posts is OT, only going on rt sometimes just to say hi or troll. She is crazy when someone mentions Eddsworld, but is pretty mature when it comes to things.


People she get along with are named here

Wrexly, Evila, TheNewChicken, whycat, Redivian, OceanWavess, and many others.

L2D Posts

Kotton is probably the most worst ID God speaker, whenever she wants an L2D/L1D to be at least close it always ends up worse. "Nooo ID gods!"

Tom s caught fan girls by kittymelodies-d5pxg8q

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