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Ksirahc is an OTer, who originally forumed on Yoshi1337DA. As his old account's name implies. his deviantart account is Yoshi1337. He is a huge fan of Chara from Undertale and vore.

He is hated by many OTers as he posts about Chara and Undertale often, and sometimes posts vore interactive threads.

His OTP is Charisk if it wasn't obvious to you enough.

His account before Yoshi1337DA is unknown, as he has never revealed it to OT.

mttexofot (or stmaarten1778) once raided his dub track room


On 6/8/2016, Ksirahc was harassed in "The Kingdom (An OT Dubtrack Room) for liking child vore. The main Harassers were:

"Angel_Dust" - ROBLOX account unknown

"chen_" - ROBLOX account unknown

"fireidiot" - ROBLOX account unknown

"guyfromofftopic" - ROBLOX account: AWCMONPEOPLE

Over 9 OTers were involved, but none are known. This resulted in ksirahc attempting to pull an "OTermination," almost succeeding. ksirahc reacted to the situation by threatening to commit suicide

The user is now banned from 2 of the biggest OT rooms. The incident ended with ksirahc being coined the "pedo fag of OT" by some of the dubtrack community, his twitter being leaked, and chat logs of 3d_Printer and ksirahc being leaked.

In a strawpoll with over 13 votes was created with the topic "Is chara a pedo fag."

the results were as follows:


No: 1

Ksirahc's reputation has been majorly fractured since then.

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