An OTer with 5.5k posts on lagio5, 7.2k posts on lagio, 2.5k posts on 3km, and a small number of posts on other accounts totaling ~14.5k posts as a person, Lagio is one of OT's most well-known posters.

Lagio is notorious for posting bait threads, especially on his alternate account, 3km.

Official Team Facepalm

Lagio is the founder of OT's most well-known game development group, Official Team Facepalm. The group's first big hit was the Lagio-Astrain OT Bunker, built in February, which racked up 4 thousand visits from OTers over the course of 6 months. Then, in May, Lagio started Infinite Welfare, a fast-paced game where players spawn with random weapons and try to kill eachother. Infinite Welfare got attention from both OTers and many console players, racking up 43 thousand visits and making 1000 robux in profit.

Termination of Lagio

On the 3th of August, 2016, Lagio5's current main account Lagio was terminated. Lagio had sent an appeal, but it was denied on the morning of August 4th. Lagio got on his alt, Lagio2, and told Astrain1 the news. Both of them posted threads about the termination, causing OT to go up in flames at the mods. Both threads got deleted after reaching around 40 replies. Lagio2 received a one dayer, and Astrain1 received a warning.

Lagio's main account is currently lagio2.

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