Lavaruby is a FTM player who joined Roblox in November 2012 and joined Off Topic in late October.

He is well known by many and has a fairly good group of friends but does say some offensive and stupid things sometimes causing him to be hated by some.


  • His name is Ryan
  • He lives in Canada
  • Uses the word "booty" quite a bit
  • "Bae" is muffledspeech


When he started foruming in OT he was classified as rude, annoying, self obsessed and selfish, but after adapting to Off Topic he started expressing himself more and started drawing people and showing his creative skills. But at times he gets into flame wars and says some offensive things. Recently has been seen making stupid threads or posting pics of porn.

Relationship with Muffledspeech

Lavaruby addressed that one of the reasons he joined Off Topic was because he saw it in one of Muffledspeech's videos. After a while of being on OT LavaRuby and Muffledspeech became friends and soon after became best friends, now they are known as an OT couple and had a very odd marriage that involved a gangbang.

Relationship with ObakeKizuato

Lavaruby and Obake (aka cupsandsaucers) are very good friends and often have skype calls, most of the time singing Swag Swag Yolo by Lil Wayne and Drake. Recently has been not socializing with Obake as much.

Trolling Attempts

In about early August 2014 Lavaruby made an account called Girlygirl123 in an attempt to troll, but his personality showed too much and people quickly saw through his disguise.

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