"Hi you ok?" -LeafMasterDavid

LeafMasterDavid is an OT'er, Who joined OT sometime in June 2015. Which that he moved from ATR because of warnings and bans, people on OT don't care about him.

On September 2, 2015, he told a cat hater to kill himself then he got terminated, he managed to appeal but failed.

On October 2, 2015, his late main posted a thread about a kid who got swatted on Twitch. He got IP banned and almost quit roblox. His new account is TOPPPPPPKEKKKKKKK.


  • His old account DavidGomez2005 is PG'ed and password changed.
  • He hated Richiesan after he got a 1 day ban. (Later stopped)
  • He got 1000 posts on 7/10/15
  • Most OT'ers don't know who LeafMasterDavid is.
  • He hates StreetsofSimcity and randomly calls his supporters "whiteknights"
  • He got 2000 posts on 8/1/15 then 3000 on 8/12/15, this marks LeafMasterDavid's fastest time to make 1k posts.
  • He owns 50-70 Alts.
  • He is autistic.

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