"[Content Rekt]" The user referred to as his last siggy.

Left4Dead2EllisFan, sometimes said "Left", is a user who joined OT in early 2016 and has nearly 890 posts on his main account, but would get about 940 on all of his accounts including alternates. He doesn't only Off Topic, he builds with his friends on their group known as "Sausage Studios"


2010 - Joined The game on his very first account, Zekeguy123, but never forumed on that account.

2011 - Was very fascinated with ROBLOX, because he played it nearly all the time, except for the times he had to go to school.

2012 - He layed off roblox for this year but came back to the game in December.

2013 - His account "Zekeguy123" Was deleted so he made the account currently in use now "Left4dead2ellisfan"

2014 - This was one of his favorite times in ROBLOX, but in December he began to have problems with the game.

2015 - He began solving his problems with games by asking users in ROBLOX Talk for help.

2016 (Present Year) - He quit RT, but quickly went to OT and gained 200 posts in his second week of OT


- Got an account deleted

- Got his main account (now) banned for 7 days.

- Got a warning for ranting about an OT'er.

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