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LifeIsUnfair was an OTer who forumed from late 2010 to late 2011, when he was permanently banned. He continues to forum on his alt, LifeIsUnfairReturns.



LifeIsUnfair joined Roblox in 2009, but didn't start foruming until 2010, when the account LifeIsUnfair was made.


When LifeIsUnfair first began to forum on Off Topic, some initially believed he was an alt of Deathly. It was later confirmed that this is not true, and Deathly and LifeIsUnfair are two completely different people. LifeIsUnfair became famous during 2011, and had accumulated over 6k posts before the end of the year. The exact amount of posts, though, is not known due to Off Topic not being archived until late November in 2015.


LifeIsUnfair created the account Typocrite where he forumed on Off Topic and Roblox Talk quite often up until recent years.


LifeIsUnfair forums rarely on his new account Typocrite, but is fairly active on ROBLOX.


Some time around November, 2011, LifeIsUnfair was terminated for unknown reasons. All of his posts were wiped. He claims that the moderators left no note, and that he, ironically, was unfairly banned. Afterwards, he continued to forum on his alt, LifeIsUnfairReturns. He has quit and returned multiple times. He now uses the account Typocrite.

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