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Lightslayer is a forumer who joined OT in late 2011. He is called "The motherpooping best guy ever" by people such as Calao and tnt91. He runs the OT drawing room ( | Room: rblxot). He also runs PBS parties, and has played with Phasmophobia on occasions.

List of alternative accounts.

  • UglyBarnacles- First alt, used to post things that may get an account banned.
  • FartLazor- Second alt, used to troll OT. Deleted.
  • ToasterApocolypse- Main alt, got people to think Lightslayer was Dolphincalf, although the ToasterApocolypse alt was created first, it was spelled wrong.
  • AssOfTheTiger- Another troll alt. Deleted.
  • GLaDOSisdumb- Alt that was never used. Created to troll GR33NTHUNDAH. (Although it wouldn't work because I think she likes Wheatley more)
  • ProfessorVitellary- First Roleplaying alt. The password was forgotten.
  • OfficerVermillion- Second Roleplaying alt. Used as a filterpassing alt (and was fucking awful at it) to demonstrate to a member of the [REDACTED] forums what it looked like to get deleted. This account has been deleted.


  • Light runs an OT-based satire series, "da amazin ot advenchr". .
  • Light also runs the OT drawing room.

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