LivingDinosaur is an OTer. He first joined in 2008 on an unknown, deleted account.

He was again deleted on an account named "Blackholeguy" in 2010.

In late 2010, he started using an account named Jetfire927 that he made Summer 2009. The account later became successful and even had a front page game in Summer 2012 with 13k visits in one morning. He even surpassed Sword-Fighting Tournament.

The game had a major glitch and he made it friends-only to fix it. When he fixed it and made it public again, he had lost his fans and his fame.

In October, when ROBLOX announced the name-change feature, he bought a namechange the day it came out, thanks to donations from BobBrick, Voxhall and TheJeterman. (Three of his best friends.) He changed his name to TheDarkHeartLord.

On December 22nd 2013, his sister posted a naughty thread in the Off Topic forum and she got poison banned. They joined on the same e-mail address so TDHL was associated with it. His account was mercililessly deleted from his sister's poison ban, and his appeal declined on Christmas morning, due to ROBLOX thinking she's his alt. TDHL was deleted with 70k game visits, and was aiming for 100k by the end of 2014.

On December 23rd 2013, he made an account named CaptainPhoenixgarde which became more known on OT. He was quite controversial.

During March 2014, CaptainPhoenixgarde's friend posted a naughty link while at CPG's house. He was logged into CPG's alt as he was on CPG's phone. CPG had uploaded a naughty picture to Twitter about a week before, which his friend shared on OT. As he was connected to CPG's IP address, ROBLOX deleted all accounts on IP address, causing the loss of another account.

During March 2014, his friend gave him an old account from 2009 named Prettygirl346. He bought two namechanges on it.

LivingDinosaur was deleted on the 16th of May 2014 for posting an inappropriate thread on an alternate account. He says his ban was justified and fair and is fine with it.

TDHL's father's appeals were declined, so he uses a new account.

He currently has a new account named "LivingDinosaur".

On the 25th of May 2014, LivingDinosaur, using an account named "DarkHeartProtector" that was later deleted for no reason, (as in he did nothing wrong and had zero moderations) quit the Off Topic Forums due to hatred from a user named "RosieTheYoshi" (who is now deleted). He is currently foruming on ROBLOX Talk


  • He was born in 1999.
  • He requires a Grammar School.
  • He has a Twitter account.
  • He is Type 1 Diabetic.
  • He forums on ROBLOX Talk.
  • He is a scripter and builder.
  • He owns a Facebook Doge page.
  • He is a musician and cook.
  • He is a MARVEL and DC fan.
  • He hates HiIoman and Sonrick98

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