Lopnob is an OTer with 5k(ish) posts. He is not quite sure why he even stays on OT as he barely cares about most of the threads and people don't seem to care about him anyways. (cri cri notice me pls) He can't remember when he joined OT, the reason for this being that his brain is a pile of useless giraffe dung when it comes to remembering anything important at all. The only alt he ever really uses is WDPK837FM, but he doesn't use it often, unless he's banned for whatever reason.

He usually goes on OT more often in the mornings and nights. He is also unhealthily obsessed with Gakupo and the Virtual Boy console even though he owns neither. (jk i own gakupo now also will buy virtual boy for 100 dollars pls send offers) His favorite video game series is Pokémon, but his favorite video game is Xenoblade Chronicles. He spends most of the day playing video games, going on the computer, and playing around with his dog, because he has practically no friends due to living in Ecuador and being too shy to go out and make some friends. (but who needs friends anyways amirite)

Fun Facts*

  • His favorite color is purple
  • His dog is a Boston Terrier
  • He owns a lot of Pokémon cards that he does nothing with
  • He likes anime (nteor pls no hate)
  • He has a younger cousin that was most likely birthed from the deepest pit of Hell
  • He hates getting a haircut
  • He hates pickles (and zucchinis and cucumbers) and onions
  • His favorite food is sushi (i'm actually ok with having cucumbers in it now)
  • He kinda sorta knows how to play piano (i forgot kinda)
  • He has at least 20 LEGO sets that he rarely does anything with (20 too many)
  • His favorite number is 78
  • He is Brazilian/Italian
  • He wears glasses
  • His favorite YouTubers are JonTron and PeanutButterGamer
  • You probably didn't care about all of the above
  • Mister Milk is a horrible, evil demon

ROBLOX stuff

He joined ROBLOX on November 14th, 2010. He used to have OBC until the Winged Goblins of Eldremor stole it away from him.

His profile can be found here:

His (totally not bland looking) alt can be found here:

(also i'm so lucky my profile l2d isn't 69)

*not actually fun

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