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LosVider's classic outfit.


LosVider as he appears in ot_chatrooms.

LosVider is a male, 13-year old who posts regularly on OT. He joined the community on January 1st, 2014 and has since gained some popularity. He was often banned during the summer, so he used his alt MASTER405 to post. He will constantly change his siggy and blurb, saying "The boogeyman can't trace what can't be traced." His most recent is, "'


One of LosVider's outfits he may wear while posting.

i'm 25.498 metric pounds tall' - ColorfulBrendon."



The account LosVider was created. He began playing games on the front page and roleplaying on the Roleplay sub-forum.


LosVider played games and posted on the Roleplay sub-forum. He also began to realize how stupid typing like 'lol ur funy' was, so he began learning grammar and soon became a grammar Nazi.


LosVider played miscellaneous games here and there, with a little Roleplaying on the side. He discovered Off Topic in September, but didn't post.


LosVider soon became mature. He had left the games to rot, as they had all become stupid, and began looking for solace in other places.


LosVider joins OT in January, left during the summer-fall transition, but rejoined in the fall and has stayed active


LosVider becomes the ruler of the world and makes OT an official country, where all OTers live in harmony.


- His real name is Ashton.

- He'll show his face on ot_chatrooms if you can get him to take off his mask.

- He doesn't use capital letters when foruming.

- He is an asshole in real life, but is really nice on OT.

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