Luffyman50 is a well known OTer. He thinks he is a really nice guy when you get to know him. This account was password guessed by DominusTrex on April 24th, 2016. 

Stuff about Luffyman50

  • His favorite TV show is the show that #LEGENDS like. The Flash.
  • He likes basketball .
  • His minion name is Dequashia.
  • His top 5 OT'ers are: Boiledeggtwin, Deinemutti360, Goomba4444, Swifttalon1, and Firekillerxx.
  • He also has a great amount of swag.
  • fired from anti /b/ filter co.

Joining OT

He started posting in OT sometime in November, 2012. He really liked the unfunny threads OT was making and continued posting, and he still does.


He likes to read comic books such as The Flash. He likes video games. He also likes roasting nerds and getting the ladies.

Posting Style

He usually posts with grammar and immense swag. Unless he doesn't feel like it.

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