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Lumez is among the older OTers currently active, as he joined OT mid-2013 and currently has about 15k posts. Prior to joining OT, he was a forumer on S&I.

About Lumez

Not much is known about Lumez in real life, aside from that his name is Colm and that he lives somewhere in the United States.

However, on the forum, Lumez used to make a lot of threads instead of replying to them, mainly making L2Ds, scenarios, and jokes. However, his activity has dwindled over the years and he now replies to threads, and rarely ever creates them.

Most of his posts on subforums aside from OT are on S&I and ATR.

Lumez doesn't like most of his older posts across the forum from 2011 - 2014, since he was younger and more cringeworthy during that period, even going as far as quoting himself and Chatting Liek Dis :3.


  • "Random siggy, <insert content here>" (2013, content of the signature varied and was often a joke related to the current thread)
  • "[Insert Siggy Here]" (2013)
  • "'You could've bought ice cream, BC, or ten candy bars! TEN!' - Lumez 2014" (2014)
  • "'I'm universally loved! - Lumez 2014'" (2014)
  • "While you were reading this, I stole your lungs." (2014)
  • "i guess for the same reason you'd drop out of roblox for highschool" (2014)
  • "My life isn't wasted yet!" (2014)
  • "Riggy my siggy." (2014 - 2016)
  • No siggy (Current)

Moderation History

Moderation history can be found here.

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