Malchizedek Is an OTer who started OTing in late 2012. Mostly a baiter, flamewar starter, and 'le mastr trole xddd' he has been deleted from ROBLOX for a reason he knows not.

He currently resides under the account FloppyRubberChicken

Unfortunatly he has been poison-banned so he no longer can use past accounts. Idiots Mini-modding him is an issue for him since its rough keeping an account.

Other alts he was known for operating on: thegreatcabbagegoat, Obamadon, iBornOfPropane.

Involved incidents



•Is a filthy memer

•Tried to spark a rebellion against the mods, this is what brought up the poison ban.

•Has released IRL multiple times, though the video is unlisted.

•Hobbies include StopMotion animation and photography.

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