14, a user named PhantomFog made a phishing site. 3-4 OTers, 1GR33NTHUNDAH, MiriamPup, and HellBoundKitten (maybe), got keylogged. The user recieved all the limiteds from not only these OTers, but some RTers and C&Gers as well. On this day, Torivor_Len and SongofSword's friendship also broke completely, as Torivor_Len was lied about her account being keylogged as well. They got better

More players on 3/24 got their accounts stolen, including badfitz99, backfire360, and more. 

 On 3/1/2015, the KL link resurfaced, but OTers were prepared this time and began mass reporting the single thread containing it. 

Grave and cause

No one knows the cause of it, but it was most likely PhantomFog.  RIP

OT Gets Fooled

At the end of the incident, it had turned out that some people who had gotten keylogged (Including 1GR33NTHUNDAH and Jamesfelicia) were actually only pretending to be keylogged. As a result, the total of OTers keylogged is actually inaccurate and a higher number than it should be.

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