Maria1560 is an OTer that is currently rarely active on the forums. She was most popular during 2009-2012. Alts include Maria15602 and Maria15603. Maria1560 also spent a lot of time on the ot_chatroom during 2010-2012. She was a TBC member from 2009 to mid 2015, claiming she only renewed it to continue selling shirts. After the ROBLOX+ data leak in April 2016, her account was compromised. After a hack-related ban was lifted, she seemed to regain her account.

Forum History

Maria1560 joined ROBLOX in 2007, joining the RP forum by 2008. By the end of 2009, she fully transferred over to OT, where she quickly became well known, mainly through ot_chatroom. By 2013, she slowly stopped posting daily, and by 2014 she would only post once every few months. Hacked in 2016, she disappeared completely from the forums, although she still logs onto ROBLOX once in a while.


Maria1560 was well known for her signature, "→~*~*~♦♣♠♥Maria1560♥♠♣♦~*~*~←". Her signature was copied multiple times during 2011, mostly as a way to troll. She has been using the same signature since she first joined OT. There is no meaning behind her signature, as it is just a spam of symbols.

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