MarPoi (Formerly Mariopoi) Is a retired OT'er who joined on January 18th 2011. Has achieved over 40K and almost 50K posts. Currently at 49K and 94 posts away from his 50,000 Milestone.

His posts usually consisted of "hi ot", weather reports, "ot breakfast club", and "no". Really nothing can be said about him, other than he cropped up at around about June 2012. Mario sadly has quit and retired from OT.

A significant amount of Mariopoi's posts are considered "trashposts", lacking effort and/or quality. People have even confused him for a bot due to his oftenly predictable posts.

He likes to post threads where many people can participate. Mariopoi likes to roleplay as a weatherman, and used to have games that reflected that. He is known to have a massive ego and thinks of himself 'the best'. 

He had a username change to MarPoi at an unknown date.

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