Masonly is a current forumer on Off-Topic, joining the community back in 2014.

Originally a user of ROBLOX Talk, Masonly made the transition during September of 2014.

He seems to like making games and usually says he has a group of 20 people working with him. (This information is false now, seeing how he works on his projects alone now.)

Masonly has the same join date as crs100.


Masonly has three games he has been working on recently:

The Highlife, which is still in alpha.

Fallout: Legends, which is a spin-off of Fallout 4.

Specific Activity, which is a spin-off of Half Life.


Back around May of 2015, Masonly posted about graduating college. This spiked curiosity amongst the users, causing him to reveal his age.

Also around the same time, he claims he got married. This also had the same effect as the college post.

"The Highlife" Indiegogo Controversy

Around July of 2015, Masonly posted a link to a Indiegogo page for The Highlife. The game was a idea at the time, and had no prototype/demo. Most users called this fake, but some people were willing to back the campaign.

The Indiegogo is down for now while a demo of the game is being completed.

Alternative Forum

Masonly runs his own alternative forum using the same forum software as the ROBLOX forums.

The link can be found here.

This same site also contains the demo for The Highlife. (Pre-Pre-Alpha, anyways)

Masonly's confirmed alts

Here is a list of confirmed alts (This list may be incomplete):

  • lMasonly
  • SimeonYetarian
  • HumpBot
  • MollySchultz

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