MasterChiefAlpha, aka MCA, is an ex-forum mod as of May 5 2013. He apparently is a halo fan, due to his username and appearence. He quit the ROBLOX Staff and ROBLOX in some time in 2013. He attempted to patch lagposting, but failed to do so..


MasterChiefAlpha joined ROBLOX on March 19th 2010 as a normal user, way before he signed up to work with the ROBLOX Staff as a forum moderator, MCA often posted stickies about certain stuff. In around 2013, He made a thread in ATR saying that he is leaving ROBLOX and the ROBLOX Staff for other things.

Joining ROBLOX Staff

In Late 2012 or so, MasterChiefAlpha joined the ROBLOX Staff as a Forum Moderator. ROBLOX accepted his application and let him in. He made "Best Mod" Lists in both RT and OT and gained much fame for possibly being a moderator who actually cares about the players.

Quitting ROBLOX Staff and the game itself

In Early or Mid 2013, when MasterChiefAlpha posted a sticky in All Things ROBLOX saying that he will quit people mourned and begged him to stay.

Respect in OT

Respect in OT for MCA was mixed, as some hated him and some liked him, like above, some said he actually cared about the players, while others most likely hated him because he was a moderator

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