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masterdude625 is some noob from 2008 who still can't get good at any ROBLOX game, isn't a good scripter but a meh builder, and just found out what the forums are around summer 2015. He started posting in Off Topic even later than that.

Almost no one will ever know him or want to know him on the forums, he constantly makes a fool of himself but occasionally stops himself before posting something absolutely stupid. Some of his friends on OT include . . . wait, he has none.

You'll probably find him playing classic games, not because they're fun, but because his dell/inspiron 1525 laptop with windows vista home basic is just a glorified toaster, and can't handle any much scripting and or large maps on ROBLOX. Surprisingly it can run an N64 emulator better than ROBLOX.

He's a large defender of what ROBLOX does because generally they do good things, if something actually bad was done he feels like there would be legitimate arguments out there from users rather than the "they don't care about the community" excuse people use when talking about "bad" updates while ROBLOX might've even read and considered their past posts. He finds that if a person just looks at David Bazooka's face, they should be captivated and ready to follow him.

He's constantly self conscious about his avatar's appearance, what hats go with what clothes, what faces look good, weather or not to use packages.

He also goes into ATR sometimes, S&I, and BLOXfaires & ROBLOX Events. But OT is by far his favorite, people actually put up with him sometimes there.

So in conclusion, masterdude is someone you might like to get to know, he's really weird and does stupid things so you might hate him, but he'll always be there. Always. Like the force. K thx bye.

(also please take none of this seriously it's mostly jokes I'm a nice guy and I have friends ;-;)

15. He'll probably change it like next week though.
masterdude625 as of 13/12/15. he'll probably change his outfit in a few days because he's insane about that stuff though.

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