These are some facts about Mating_Sloth:
  1. Mating_Sloth likes being in Off-Topic.
  2. Mating_Sloth currently has 600+ posts.
  3. Mating_Sloth's main is "Coolminer30". Mating uses it when he gets banned for 1 day or so.
  4. Mating_Sloth's siggy is: 'some hobo once told me that world is macaroni'.
  5. Mating_Sloth always attend OT Parties.
  6. Mating_Sloth doesn't post actively on OT anymore, but you can see him as: Coolminer30.
  7. Mating_Sloth is a night ot'er, sometimes gets active on morning.

That's all, something might get included also.


  • MatingSloth
  • coolmines
  • Coolminer30Alt
  • CrawlinMiner30
  • CrawlinSloth
  • MetroidMiner30

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