Mattyo10 is an OTer who started foruming in late 2014. He is known by the name Santa Clause, but everyone calls him Matt, mattyo or something with matt in it.

He has befriended quite a few OTers.


Mattyo doesn't really do anything. All he does is contribute to threads, continues flamewars (for his personal entertainment), ruins jokes and baits baiters. His moderation history is quite extensive and his only termination was in 2012 and wasn't related to the forums. Of course, his appeal was accepted and he is now back on ROBLOX.

Back in 2013, he quit for a while but returned in 2014 to witness one of the worst egg hunts. It was then that he joined OT which was one of his best ROBLOX decisions. Though many do not know him, Mattyo believes he is nice to many.

More Information

-He gives people coal for no reason

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