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Mavryn first joined ROBLOX in 2010 as "robogirl30000". In 2012, she decided to created another character called "TotalMagic456" in 2012. She's been using this account ever since. When Mavryn joined in 2012, she was not a forumer. She simply played games and participated in ROBLOX events. Around 2013-2014, Mavryn realized that she was interested in foruming. She began as an S&I'er. Then in early 2015, Mavryn realized that she was destined to be an OTer.

In her early days, Mavryn got into a lot of flamewars. Mostly because she was defending her opinion on certain topics. Now, she usually spends most of her time making small comments on threads.

Mavryn has been given many warnings and bans for various reasons. She even got "Tropique" term'd, until she sent an appeal to ROBLOX, who gave Mavryn back her account, as her crime was not serious enough for a term.

The first "irl" Mavryn ever posted on OT is located below. She made a thread saying that if the OT community could guess her real name, she would show them a selfie. They guessed her name "Apryl" and she showed them the picture. The thread can be found here:

Did you know...

  • Mavryn thought of her name by combining 3 of her closest friends: Mia, Avery, and Kaitlyn
  • Mavryn's favorite OTers include Vineshroom, DapperNarwhal, Aetricity, etc

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