McNoobster is an OTer with 18,175 forum posts. He joined in 2010 and began OTing in 2011. He usually talked about video games and sports. He was terminated on April 2nd 2012 and was also post wiped.

Participation in the April Fools Hacking

McNoobster was revealed to have been participating in the April Fools Hackings along with Pheedy , Minish and Are17. He was the one who hacked into the admins accounts and gave the passwords to the other hackers. He was also the one who gave 1dev2 and the other famous people deleted for giving them tons of money in order to get the admins to think they were the ones hacking. He and the others were finally caught after Leeav shut the site down and tracked his account down. He is currently banished from the site and any alts made are immediately terminated without further notice.