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Mcgoodstreak7 was an OTer, previously mcgoodrexeturer.


He is currently worried about the test sites if they will go back up or not.

His Steam is usually "Custard Dynamite" , with a Doge as the profile picture.

He use to be hated alot, now he is pretty popular and has less haters and more OT friends.

Mcgoodrexeturer before banned

Before deletion

My old shirt

A shirt he made when he was on mcgoodrexeturer. It was his most popular shirt.

He is from New Zealand. He attempts to act friendly on OT. He has made many quitting threads, but has never actually quit OT.

He has recently been terminated and now uses his old alt account named ihaspoptart, the reason why he got terminated may be because of his PGing hobby.

He has been confirmed as an ID God. He was on his alt ihaspoptart. Proof:


  • Cheers love, the cavalrys here!
  • Cheers love, the cavalry's here! Cavalrys just referring it up!*
  • Dont pause me, rewind me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Johnny boy whats cooking?
  • ~Oh yeah I forgot, you got trollroll'D~

Favourite Roblox Games

  • The Quarry; both the regular and dev version. He personally prefers the "dev" version.
  • Make a Cake And Feed the Giant Noob; he enjoys it due to it being a classic.
  • Limited Item Tycoon; it reminds him of Sitetest3.
  • Murder Mystery 2; he enjoys trading "skins" that personalize's your gun and knife
  • Ready Steady Build; one of his favourite classics.


  • He has a YouTube Channel named "Derpy Jnr" where he does fun random videos.
  • His favourite fruit is pineapple.
  • His favourite meal is crumbled lasanga.
  • He made a joke game called "Murder as steve at area 51 tycoon" and its already got 20k+ visits.

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