These rules and guidelines are for Roblox Off Topic Wiki. These are to be followed at all times, or it will result in moderation.

Please read the rules and guidelines before editing, adding to, uploading to, posting on, or otherwise interacting with Roblox Off Topic Wiki other than reading the content provided.

Consult the section Bans/Blocks for information regarding bans/blocks from Roblox Off Topic Wiki.

Rules and Guidelines

User Conduct

  1. Do not harass or attack other users.
  2. Do not spam message walls of other users.
  3. Do not threaten other users.
  4. Do not violate Wikia's Terms of Use whatsoever.
  5. In general, be a good member of Roblox Off Topic Wiki's community.

Primary Article/Page Guidelines

Before you start and edit/make a page, keep in mind some ground rules. These apply to ALL USERS.

Basic Page Editing

  1. NO vandalism whatsoever. Due to the amount of vandalism that this Wikia receives, anonymous users caught vandalizing will be banned (blocked) quite harshly on first offense. Users with registered accounts are also eligible for blocks following vandalism. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Removing content from a page in any way
    2. Replacing content in a page that is inappropriate, biased, irrelevant, or false
    3. Adding biased information and your own opinion on articles
    4. Spamming links to sites that are irrelevant, inappropriate, unsafe, or otherwise not needed
    5. Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages (such as spamming letters or numbers randomly without meaning).
  2. Articles should have zero bias. An article marked with Using phrases such as "the best OTer" or "the worst user ever" should be avoided. Articles heavily implying such bias and/or requiring bias removal will have {{BiasRemoval}} added to the page.
  3. Please refrain from writing your articles/edits in a first person perspective. Avoid words such as "I", "we", "us", "my", "me", etc. Exceptions are quotations from a person, group names, blurbs, and other content that is on the page that is referring to someone (groups) or quoted directly from someone (blurbs or quotations).
    1. This includes putting "stop vandalizing my page" on your page. Instead, consider using {{noraid}}.
  4. Grammar is mostly required. Note that not using grammar isn't an offense which can get you banned, but more or less bore the admins out when they try and clean up pages for consistency and professionalism. A Wikia is to share information. Make it easy to read.
  5. Do NOT put anyone's address or phone number on this wiki. Do NOT put real-life names, or the age of a forumer on their page- you must require consent from the user the article is about or you must be the person the article is about.
    1. Exceptions from this are genders (stating if a user is male/female/unknown).
    2. Country of residence will usually be permitted.

Page Creation guidelines

Before creating a page, check the guidelines specific to the page that you're creating.

  • You can make your own page. Please do not ask others to make pages for you. Ask for help making pages on the Help Requests board.
  • Do NOT make a page for a non-OTer unless the user has direct connection or influence on OT. This includes select ROBLOX administrators and occasionally popular ROBLOX users.

OTer page

  • Am I creating a page for the main account, and not the alt?
    • Exceptions for alts refer to alts which are causing controversies, ex. ilovemom11111.
  • Is the OTer known?
  • Do I have worthwhile info to contribute?

OT Fad page

  • Is the fad recognized?
  • Has it been used in OT for longer than a short duration?
  • Do I have worthwhile info to contribute?

OT Incident Page

  • Is this incident major?
    • Minor incidents need to be put on the OT Incidents page.
      • Minor incidents with pages will be marked with {{MinIncident}}.
      • Major incidents can have their own pages, but will be summarized on OT Incidents.
  • Has this incident caused any type of controversy or turmoil in OT?
  • Do I have worthwhile info to contribute?


  • Is this topic relevant to OT?
  • Does it relate to or affect OT?
  • Do I have worthwhile info to contribute?

Examples of pages that are counted in this category:

  • Alts
  • ROBLOX Talk and other pages regarding sub-forums that may be directly "next to" (Club Houses), influencing, or affecting OT.
  • Articles for ROBLOX Moderators/Administrators that frequent Off Topic, ex. DapperBuffalo or Squidcod.

Page Creation Rules

  1. Do not create pages which fit any of the following descriptions:
    1. Blank, with no content
    2. Spam, made for no reason
    3. Irrelevant, not relating to Off Topic
    4. Pages that do not comply with Wikia's Terms of Use
    5. Any other content that would not be appropriate here
  2. Do not make a page for a topic that already exists.
  3. Do not make a page for your own personal usage that may or may not be relevant to Off Topic.
  4. Do not make a page such as "666th page". These are spam and will be deleted without warning.
  5. Do not make a notice template. Instead, request that the administrators create one or add content to a pre-existing template to improve on it. Any notice template pages made without administrator permission will be deleted.


Any violation of the rules can and likely will result in a temporary block (ban) from this Wikia.

Bypassing any block is NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to using loopholes in Wikia's system or changing your IP for IP bans. If you are found bypassing blocks, you will be blocked again without warning.

Methods of getting banned

If you get banned, it's for a reason. Here are some common ban reasons:

  • You cleared a page for no reason, leaving it empty or filling it with meaningless text/videos/images.
  • You have mass edited several pages with spam.
  • You have mass vandalized several pages.
  • You are intentionally placing extremely incorrect or biased information.
  • You are mass creating blank, spam, or irrelevant pages.

The ban length depends on the reason of ban and the admin banning you.

Unreasonable Blocks/Bans

If you believe you have been banned for a false reason or the time for the ban is unreasonable, consult an administrator, either on ROBLOX or on Wikia. Unreasonable blocks will likely be lifted or shortened without issue.

Other information

Here's some ban info you should know:

  • Users and anons who are purged will only have offending edits/contributions rolled back or removed.
  • If you get a regular ban, you will be examined. Meaning, the admins will judge your actions and other contributions to see if you should be purged. If you are caught spamming one page, but only did it because you disliked the user, your ban in most cases will not be extended. On the opposite side, spamming many pages in general will increase your ban length, something resulting in a purge. In other words, don't take any chances and just don't try and get a ban.
  • A "permanent block" is any block that would exceed an average human lifetime. Constant and/or repetitive violation of the rules or hosting raids on this Wikia may result in permanent blocks. These blocks may also be connected with your IP Address.

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