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Meldo is one of the various people of OT. He looks like the Devil, for being an ex-BC. In addition to OT he is a LMADer and a VGFer because of the debates and talking about video games. He also has an recessive fan by the name of egammelgcloak.

Joining OT

He originally started posting on OT during mid-to-late 2009. He then migrated to RT around late 2009 or early 2010. Finding the community much meaner, even receiving a milestone thread from Fuzzyperson, he decided to leave.

Posting style

His posts tend to lack grammar, and overall seriousness. Though, when a topic catches his eye he will use bad grammar and a more silly manner. These posts tend to be of a Satanic, Techmological, or overall silly nature.


Though most who claim to be meldo are the real deal, there are a few real accounts out there. A fake list of meldo's accounts can be found here.

Life outside of OT

Outside of OT he is a prolific poster in discord/skype chats revolving around various subjects. He's also an avid gamer and computer activist. He often goes on VGF as well to talk about games. There was also, for a short time, a Meldo Army where people resembled him. He is also an indie.