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~You need tires you moron!~


Metalshadow455 is a terminated OT'er with an okay post count, around total 7000. He has had 3 fanfics written about him and super79mario, and around 18, including other OT'ers. He is well known for his "Xenomorph Fetish" and video reaction threads, where he asks for a topic and does a video on it. He is slightly famous in the OT community. He is notable for starting multiple flamewars with Moris, Ouendan, WhiteTigers, and Eevee. He usually will act like a, self proclaimed "Smart-ass" in an argument, and will come up with random phrases during said flamewars, such as, if a person leaves, "Bye Honey! Have fun at work!".


  • He is enemies with Groundskeeper, GammaGeek, and Ouendan.
  • His best friends are super79mario, GamerYoshi, DapperNarwhal, trillmug87, DrForce, REDIVIAN, and Slydexia.


  • ~You need tires you moron!~
  • ~Seu Madruga Will Go On~
  • ~Citizens of Berlin! A ring of steel surrounds your rotten city! We will crush all those who dare resist the will of the Red Army!
  • ~Nice pave low ya got there, would you like to see my javelin?
  • ~It ain't a cheeto bein' Xeno.
  • ~I know I am crazy, therefore, I am not crazy, isn't that crazy?
  • ~On the blood of our Fathers, On the blood of our Sons, We swore to uphold the Covenant!
  • ~I will sick my Xeno on you.
  • ~Don't be an avacado kids, liz says it's not healthy
  • ~Duvi is avacado and Leather is god.
  • ~That's an unhealthy diet of nails and thumb tacks, sir.
  • >>ZIGGEH<<

Alternate accounts

  • metalshadow456 [TERMINATED]
  • metalshadow457 [TERMINATED]
  • metalshadow458 [TERMINATED]
  • Zambubled707
  • Pasghettios
  • MendictantBias
  • ViktorTehObby
  • GabumonGabumon707 [TERMINATED
  • AltsofAltsSirs [MAIN]
  • SaaSMinster
  • MikalSaffRBX
  • ThisIsInvalid [MAIN]
  • HypothermalDeath [TERMINATED]
  • TheBindingOfJudas
  • Patriarchalism [NAMESNIPE]
  • BigBlackWonker
  • MetalshadowBro
  • Zigraltoid
  • CoolBroLOLZ
  • Newbuilderfrom2006


  • He is 6'-4".
  • He is 23
  • One of the few OT'ers to disclose their Youtube account. (Hypothermal Death)
  • He lives in California.
    • He has lived in the Uppsala district of Stockholm however.
  • He theorized the idea that price floors were due to inflation.
  • His first account was known as "builder" but was sold. he made "mechasonic11" but that was hacked. He then ended up making "metalshadow455" because, ot Sonic, but because of CoD:WaW, his favorite CoD and one of his only CoD's.
  • He is known to average 100-300 posts a day.
  • He is one of the fastest growing OT'ers.
  • His current username is based off of the CoD:WaW level "Ring of steel", were he states he "Hid behind tanks alot because it was impossible to win without that, I remember beating 455 times and, boom."
  • His idol is LeatherIceCream.

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