Micronexum is a semi-active OT'er. He was present during the Awesomestrator incident, and the Smileys Virus incident.


  • His favorite OTers include- REDIVIAN, Vineshroom, festivereinhard, and FoxerzXD.
  • Micronexum was first a RT'er, before migrating to OT.
  • He is not known, only tallying 3k posts before the deletion of the forum.
  • Micronexum was a lurker, he only would read posts sometimes.
  • He has been deleted once, but his account was restored.

Alternative Accounts-

  • naruto7110- This account was micronexum's first account on ROBLOX. He forgot the password to it then made Zornak(current account).
  • noobkiller8598(Inactive)- Noobkiller was micronexum's first official alt. It has not been in use since around 2013.
  • somebody;toilet(active)- Both of these namesnipe accounts belong to Micronexum, and are his current alts.
  • magic646(inactive)- Magic646 for a short time was micronexum's foruming alt.
Signature "god i hate this forum"