Richiesan is an example of a minimod.

Minimods are users who attempt to impersonate or take on the role of the ROBLOX moderators, reporting people and giving out warnings. [1], In 2013, Moderators called out that minimodding was now against the rules. But however, moderators forgot to put the rule in place. Instead since it never happened. They were encouraged to be "Ninja Reporters" and not post their warnings. Often, minimods are also grammar Nazis[2]. Minimodding is against the rules, but it is unknown why because it isn't morally wrong in any shape or form. Sometimes, OTers go to a place known as an "OT Bunker" when a minimod comes online. As of 2016 minimodding still isn't against the rules.

The two most famous and prolific minimods are Richiesan and Ereleon.


Generally, minimods are harmless. However, in bulk they have the power to plow down accounts easily. Usually when they attempt to ban a user, they mass report the user many times attempting to see the result. This goes double for "Ninja Reporters", as they have no proof against them. Normally if a minimod is bad enough by reporting others for false reasons then they'll end up being banned anyways. Reporting does have an effect, minimodding on the other hand does not make a difference to the persons ban.

General Reception

Minimods have been thought of by the community in different ways. Some could care less about them, and others hate them; generally the latter is true. Sometimes, the reports are valid reports. A very small amount think that they are peoples alts. So they can get their revenge on whoever gave them a ban.

Known Minimods

Unknown Year

  • Shalomimshelley
  • Rossymad2
  • SkippyDaCop
  • Tnt91



  • 1b4: Claims to be the "Official grammar and spelling checker of Off Topic." She raised a lot of hate, and made grammatical errors while correcting others.
  • Indirectable: He caused a lot of trouble in OT, and players were thinking of Indirectable as a red spy. He claims to report minimods.
  • Ereleon(Major) : -Minimodded generally throughout 2014 and 2015. Now targets Hate Speech specifically, being more relaxed on other areas. He still uses OT today.
  • raceman6743: In 2016, he claimed to be responsible for OTermination after being attacked by OTers for his young age on another account back in 2014.



  • BillionBalloons
  • branthecan - This person commonly reported many OTers in early 2016, and was responsible for 7 terminations. They have since been terminated for an unauthorized charge.

Minimodding related incidents

Also includes minimods involved.


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