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Missmanga first starting lurking in the forums circa 2010, but she only really became known after the Mariapocalypse. She frequently changes her avatar to throw off people who still call her by her much hated nickname, Maria. (So is there really any point attaching a photo here?)


Missmanga originally became known for her unhealthy obsession with the Sonic franchise, as she was going through that regrettably awkward tween phase. She made many threads and wisecracks about Shadow in particular, earning her the nickname of Maria, much to her dislike. In nearly every thread she was nicknamed thus, and she gained OTer status alongside the likes of thatsawesome and GR33NTHUNDAH. 

Eventually, she grew out of the awkward phase and now randomly switches between typing perfectly eloquently or like a stoned duck. She's lesser known now since most of her old 'crew' left OT, but some remnants from the Mariapolacypse linger still.

Known for

  • Accidentally copypasting a PM into a forum post in which she ruthlessly friendzoned fluttershy88.
  • The Mariapocalypse
  • Having a lovehate with Omega66X.
  • For being completely off the wall. So far off the wall in fact, she bounces off the opposite wall and lands very close to the first wall again.

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