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Mjgaga is an OTer who hass been foruming since 2012. He has about 6,000 posts, 100 of which were from when he was on RT but made the move to OT. His name generates confusion due to his initials MJ being confused with Michael Jackson's. The Gaga part is because he like Lady Gaga's music. He uses sarcasm very often. He was terminated on September 22nd, but had a successful appeal on 9/23/2014 (which happens once every 69.3 billion years) and has tried to maintain a clean moderation since then, only receiving a single warning on 11/29/2014. Hoe occasionally tries to be edgy to mock others. He had BC when he joined, but doesn't get BC often, usually around holiday seasons. His main group is Iggy Azalea Fans. Mjgaga uses the siggy "check your privilege: He states that he has the siggy because it's "something stupid tumblr feminists say" He's slowly rising into popularity.

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