Moristhecat is an OT'er.


Moristhecat joined on October 2nd 2008 and was a somewhat popular OT'er, joining Off Topic in 2011. He was a big jerk to a lot of people and wasn't very well liked for most of his time, but he still managed to garner respect from the few friends he did have. 

Moris has remained one of the most controversial OTers of all time. To this day Moris has remained a very common target for bandwagon hate.


Moris was exceedingly fond of Supermario750 and looked up to him until he stopped posting somewhere around 2013.

After that, Moris and Qwazola became friends or something, because Qwazola brought up that Moris used to look up to him. More denied it, but soon Moris kind of played into his hands once again and he looks up to Qwazola, sort of.

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