MuffledSpeech (IDTalk) is an active LGBT OTer. He joined ROBLOX in 2012 as IDTalk. Many OTers criticize him for several incidents that involved him.


Bunny Incident

Many of MuffledSpeech's criticisms arise from this incident. As IDTalk, he and another OTer bullied Bunny, another OTer. Bunny self-harmed as a result by cutting three slices onto her leg and discussed the harming on Tinychat. Intent (Place111) noted that he had proof, though later discovered to be fake, and was sending it to the FBI[Clarification needed]. The event culminated when MuffledSpeech received a fake fax from the FBI noting that an investigation ticket was placed.

Suicide Incident(s)

IDTalk threatened to commit suicide on multiple occasions due to the bullying nature of other OTers toward him. Many OTers believe these comments are attention-seeking, though other OTers criticize the uncaring and nonchalant attitude of OT when MuffledSpeech posts a suicide thread.


MuffledSpeech is often criticized because of his OT PBS place due to only giving admin rights to his friends and banning players from his place without reason. These actions forced many OTers to create their own PBS games; Muffledspeech's PBS is now Friends Only.