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MyKitchenRules began foruming on Off Topic around 2011, lurking for 3 years, decided to post under an an anonymous account. Gaining reputation on the subforum, MyKitchenRules had the account deleted for harassing moderators and spamming click-bait. Then after a while Kitchen was IP Banned permanently, so Kitchen reset his IP Address and began foruming on various accounts around late 2015.

Kitchen's most active account that he uses for other things on ROBLOX and occasional foruming is MyKitchen, MyKitchen has a different outfit from the other accounts he uses.

Kitchen hides his identity, giving out little details such as his gender, views and opinions.


  • Photography
  • Programming
  • I.T. Help
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • Sonic
  • Hip-Hop


  • Newbags
  • Post Count
  • Disabled People
  • Moderators
  • Appeals Team
  • Apple
  • Television
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • LGBT



Saw an ad on Newgrounds about ROBLOX so he decided to check it out.

Made an anonymous account.

Quit due to safe-chat limitations.


Made an anonymous account.

Played ROBLOX games such as Police VS Prisoners, Battle of the Clones and Nintendo Minigames.


Told friends about ROBLOX.

Told siblings about ROBLOX.

Made games such as Haunted House Obby and Fall Into the Chimney Into a Fireplace.


Made a few posts on OT about how he hates noobs.

Grew popular on OT.

Got Banned.

Made a new account.


IP Banned permanently.



Made the account MyKitchenRules along with other accounts.

Got into ROBLOX again.

Unfair Deletion

In an OT party on 26/02/2016 Kitchen was arguing over how horrible the moderators were and Legoseed joined, then Kitchen was deleted without prior warnings or bans and without moderation note on the account WheresTheFairUse.

RobloxScreenShot02262016 172643922

screenshot on deletion by legoseed

Alternate Accounts

  • WheresTheFairUse (Deleted)
  • SRSWowEffects
  • GraphicsEqualizer
  • Macrophiliac
  • FunkyCoolEmailer
  • WhipItNyaNya
  • 96Elephants
  • Undertale404
  • SeamenSubmarine
  • JahlilBeatsHollaAtMe
  • BeefStrokinOff
  • ATripWithoutKids
  • DrawTheSquad
  • DankMemeStash


On the road too diabetes.

Can cook fairly well.

Admitted to living in his mom's basement.

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