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Nasmi is a barely known user on Roblox. He/she has no clothing being worn and is just a fully red skin player with the default face, but they do have some clothing in their inventory such as Pinktastic Hair and Dark Armour Legs. Here is the creepy description of the player:
"I hope they rest tonight in their beds they're all gonna wake up tomorrow in wooden chairs in a cold basement. Would you prefer i find them... and slit their throats?"
His/her only friends are Builderman, G0Z (If you haven't heard of G0Z look it up) and someone called brickarmsmaster who is also friends with Lezus (Again, if you haven't heard of Lezus look it up). Nasmi also has a place, the thumbnail being the same as ROBLOX'S Happy Home in Robloxia.