Nastylightningboy is one of the most simplest people you can find on Off Topic. Nastylightningboy is around the 10-14 age range and often has a foruming spree for one day then does not go on the forums the other day. He often types with proper grammar in one post then uses incorrect grammar in another. Most OT'ers do not even acknowledge he exists despite him being here for nearly a year. His favorite sport is swimming and his no fav youtuber. Nastylightningboy generally doesn't listen to music and has no real favorite song (though he does like some rock.) LightningBoy's list of favorite OT'ers can be found here: His signature look is a yellow-lightning shirt, golden pants, the Golden Feather Fedora and shades.

Incidents / Raids

He usually never participates in incidents, or only witnesses them. These are the ones he has participated in.

  • OT vs FEAR Raid (He raided FEAR)
  • OT vs Frappe (raided Frappes and ranted about it)
  • OTremor 2 (he got a moderation action)


Lightning, surprisingly, does not have a lot of alts as he is usually not banned.

  • nastylightningboy2
  • nastylightningboyALT (terminated)
  • illuminatilizardguy (password forgot)


These are some interesting facts about Nastylightningboy.

  • He lives in Canada.
  • He has a younger brother with an incredibly cringey ROBLOX account who is also a high-ranking member in a popular ROBLOX group.
  • His name has only been on the OT Incidents once. It was just a mod action against him.
  • His username was made during a thunderstorm.
  • LightningBoy sometimes goes on S&I, but usually only to bait and troll forumers there.
  • The most severe ban he has gotten on his main account is a 7-day ban.

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