Nenno was an OTer that had over 8k posts, and started his foruming in ATR, then to RT. He joined OT 2 years ago.


Nenno is actually an alt of Cubelic, which was his first account. It had chat restrictions, as he was very young at the time, so he took his father's account, which is now Nenno. He usually replies to intelligent posts with his own argument, and likes to theorise about space and stuff. He participated in many flame wars, and he came out victorius in not that many cases. Nenno used to be a troll on ATR too, but then he got more mature and realised that it will get him nowhere. He also participated in the clan wars as a clan member of the ATR group. His favourite OTers are EvilaMel, BumpBot, DarkImperiator and Joinerman. Nenno also likes to do retextures, and if you want to see them, go to his profile on Roblox and search his Sets.

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