neongoo51 is a fairly well-known OTer that is assumed to have started foruming on 1 May, 2010, and joined OT on 11 September, 2011 (NOT KIDDING. First thread posted on OT) but wasn't considered an OTer until 10 April, 2012. He is known to lurk a lot.


As a forumer, neongoo51 first started out in S&I. During his first year as a forumer, he usually forumed in Forum Games and also sometimes in RT and S&I. He decided to join OT because of Forum Games' lack of activity. Because OT doesn't entertain him very much anymore, he now leaps between OT and RT several times a day. Being the former 'forum gamer' that he is, he still goes back to Forum Games occasionally.


Main signatures

Main signatures last for at least a half year.

  • - Official forum gamer - (2011)
  • {ERROR: Signature.exe not found} (2012 - 2013)
  • ``Just wasting some space in your thread (2013)
  • /ERROR: Signature.exe has stopped working (2014)
  • --[[ Shoot, I accidentally made another post. (2014 - Today)

Secondary signatures

Secondary signatures are optional. They last for only a few months or are only used under other circumstances.

  • ~ FYI, iPads exist ~ (Used whenever he forums on his iPad)
  • - Merry christmas, your present is an additional signature (December 2013)
  • ¶ Manganese is not a language (February - March 2014)
  • § I'll sell you one pound of nickel for a nickel! (April 2014 - May 2014)

OTers with a lot of meaning

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